Ever wondered how we price your jobs?   Today, President of the Nursery Gabriel Curry joins Account Executive Vince McConnell to explain our process behind getting you the best products for the best prices.
G&S Nursery is very excited to welcome Janet Hall to our team as our new Sourcing Specialist. Janet comes to G&S with over 25 years of experience in the landscaping industry. Knowing early that she wanted to work with plants, Janet received her BS in Agriculture from the University of Florida, with a Major in...
Meetings are important to keep your business focused and on the same page. However, if you have too many meetings, you may take time away from necessary work that needs to be done.   So how do you balance the two?
G&S Nursery has been expanding by leaps and bounds. But what does that mean for you?   President of the Nursery Gabriel Curry talks to one of our newest employees Vince McConnell about his role in the growth of the business.
Ever wonder what happens after you make that call to your rep?   Account Executive Rich Alleger breaks down our processes with a behind the scenes look at what happens with each order at G&S Nursery.
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