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G&S Nursery is a regional supplier of wholesale plants to commercial landscapers in the southeast with regular weekly deliveries to Florida, Georgia, & the Carolinas. We partner with our customers to provide a one stop shop providing credit terms, fast estimates, quick deliveries and wholesale prices. 

We pride ourselves in providing lightning fast customer service that reinforces our company motto, “The Highlight of Your Day”.

G&S Nursery has 40 employees operating out of our 40 acre Nursery & Distribution Yard based in Lake City, FL. Our business office is located in Jacksonville, FL. Our fast paced, energetic team members and culture embraces family first, work hard, and have a ton of fun. 

We recently expanded our availability by 50% to include over 200 items and offer a large variety of guaranteed ready in inventory items. Whatever your landscaping needs we offer a wide range from 4″ ground coverings up to field grown trees.

To provide you with even more convenience, we are now offering 150 Quick Ship items: guaranteed ready in inventory or $50 cash in your pocket.

Our business is built on accommodating the needs of our customers. Qualifying customers enjoy generous credit terms. Tell us what you need and we will do what we can to help.


Zack Kirsch
General Manager
G&S Nursery

“We appreciate your visits and invite your inquiries”